Thursday, July 2, 2009

Flying to Italy then Spain.
San Javier, Spain on July 4
Spoleto, Italy festival dei due mondi July 10.

On airplanes I always feel very emotional, and end up crying ... but right now, on this plane... I feel serene and too busy with all the dreams I want to make come true ... Soon so sooooooon.
Aw! I just saw its an airbus 330... If it's not Boeing I am not going!!!! .... Guess it's too late uh?!
Anyway guys, a little poem for you:

There's days that pass without saying a word
there's days that pass screaming and fighting
there's days that never pass

there's days until there's no more days

Tem Dias que passam sem falar nada
Tem dias que passam gritando e brigando
Tem Dias que nuca passam

Tem Dias ate nao ter mais Dias


paolo said...

ciao chiara.
ho comperato il tuo cd
complimenti. passo dopo passo non riesco a smettere di sentirla e cantarla.

ho provato ad iscrivermi nella tua newsletter, ma credo ci sia un problema di impostazione in quanto italiano mi chiede in quale regione degli usa abito.
cmq, fai concerti in zona emilia (parma)?

Raul G said...

ciao chiara,

Espero que te lleves un buen recuerdo de tu visita a EspaƱa


Czark said...

Like the There's days . . . poem Chiara.

A thought crossed: Jobim's Waters of March.

Might be interesting to try a tone poem with all the many differing types of days cascading on the melody . . . til of course there are no more days.

There's days that pass remembering the days that passed
There's days that never pass
There's days that pass being remembered

Happy travels!