Thursday, November 29, 2007

hello hello friends and beautiful people. i am in Lisbon promoting the new album. i did a million interviews and 2 Fnac showcases in tow days, and most of it in Portuguese!!!! just my guitar the piano and me. I'm staying at an amazing hotel called Pestana Palace where I am officially treated as a princess and i don't want to leave because it feels too good but i am a little sick and I lost my wallet with EVERYTHING INSIDE...a total disaster one of those i want to wake up and realize I was having a nightmare kind of moments. But it's not a nightmare it is real and now i have to deal with getting all my documents and credit cards and identity stuff, because apparently i've lost my identity......have I? Lisbon lisbon Lisbon, beautiful city, pasteis de belem, custard pastry town, seafood kingdom and porto land I promise I'll come back and sing to you with my bandfriends, but I don't want to lose my wallet anymore.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I took a long walk there and I entered some polish healthfood store.
there I found my peace for the day :)
I'm working on a new arrangement of Parole Incerte, probably solo or with Max (the bass player) bowing and bowing and bowing....and bowing and bowing and bowind bowling bow bow vow wow miao :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

getting ready in NY for the next round of promotion in Europe.
ups and downs.
who said it was gonna b easy?
i better go sing a bit now or tha day will go by without its meaning