Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I didn't mean to stay out of touch.
it's just that the last few months have been very busy. writing, traveling, recording.
Japan was amazing, lots of incredible food and great shows. Packed with people every night and great sound around us...Except: The first night I realized I forgot my elegant shoes, 5 minutes before I had to leave for the show, so I ended up singing BARE FOOT and I looooved it so much, that I sang the whole tour without shoes. Never felt so grounded while singing!

NY was coooooooold and rainy, so was my mood..uninspired and a bit gloomygray... So I bought myself a plane ticket and flew to Rio to visit Ipanema beach and my friend Daniel and to write some songs. I heard amazing people playing and met incredible artists.
Now I am in Italy, I just recorded a duet with PINO DANIELE one of Italy's most incredible singer-songwriters. It's gonna be part of his forthcoming release called "Ricomincio da 30" a double cd celebrating 30 years of his career.
The song is gorgeous and our voices blend like coffe and milk, like vanilla and hazelnut ice cream, like tomato and mozzarella, like sea and sky

I miss you all and please write when you can