Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back in NYC
The shows in Italy were great. I loved the auditorium in Roma. It's definitely one of my favorite places to play in. I've put together an Italian band I really like. They're all gangsters... :)
Sorry I've been out of touch, but you know... a little bit of spring, a little bit of Rome, a little bit of work,a little bit of home, time went by and it looks like I didn't think of you at all, but I did, I swear.

Love is a choice, love happens.
when you want it, go and get it.


daniellearagao said...

very happy to see you back. I have something to mail to you. How can I do it?

Rebecca Martin said...

Hello! Checking in. Call moi

Love, Reb

Camila said...

Are you gonna do anything in NY in August? We'll be going there for 4 days...

Love is a choice? Hmm I don't think so... it happens out of a sudden.. specially when you don't want it to happens right?

And remember: "Sometimes things fall apart for other things to fall into place."

Peace out!