Monday, February 1, 2010

It's warm in Rio and I am getting ready to record one song today in the studio.
I don't really miss freezing NY at the moment.
I have been recording at Companhia Dos tecnicos, an amazing studio in Copacabana, with a great engeneer Flavio Senna. It's a legendary studio where Tom Jobim recorded a lot. There is a wonderful Yamaha piano that sounds as soft as a cloud. No wonder Tom Jobim loved it! I recorded two songs there. One of them was arranged for strings by Jaques Morelenbaum, a dear friend and stunning cellist and arranger. I fell in love with a record he made with Sakamoto called 1996. I remember days and nights listening non stop with my friend Fred. Sorry I disappeared on you guys, but I have been really involved in the new record....I know you'll love it. Andres Levin is soon starting to mix the songs he produced and I will be mixing the rest in Rio. In the meantime I am finalizing all the cover details. I feel like taking the pics here in the magic of Rio. Still deciding on the best scenario. Any thoughts? :)
I have 50000 thoughts per minute these days. I am dying to perform again...soon....soon Chiara...soon I tell myself. Ok Chiara ok. I send you a hug along with the fullest moon I've ever seen


Jan said...

Use toda essa magia como cenário: use a lua...
use o som do piano...
use o murmúrio do mar... do vento. Use toda essa natureza do Rio que aquece a alma e o corpo e faz tudo ser mais.
Um abraço.

Mirtes Waleska Sulpino said...


Que voz, que encanto.
Me apaixonei quando a vi cantando com a Ana Carolina no DVD 9+1. Simplesmente lindo, singular.

Um beijo na alma.
Mirtes Waleska Sulpino

Mirtes Waleska said...

..."Que fascínio exerces?"...

Rosangela said...

Chiara, és sempre bem vinda...aproveite a magia do Rio e deixe seu encanto onde passes... Abraços Rô

Anonymous said...

La sottigliezza del pensiero è quello di scoprire la somiglianza di cose diverse e la differenza di simile. (Montesquieu)

bjs monikarvalho

Ana said...


Ótimo trabalho!!!

O disco vai ficar lindo!

Só tem fera com você!!!

bjão gata!