Thursday, November 29, 2007

hello hello friends and beautiful people. i am in Lisbon promoting the new album. i did a million interviews and 2 Fnac showcases in tow days, and most of it in Portuguese!!!! just my guitar the piano and me. I'm staying at an amazing hotel called Pestana Palace where I am officially treated as a princess and i don't want to leave because it feels too good but i am a little sick and I lost my wallet with EVERYTHING INSIDE...a total disaster one of those i want to wake up and realize I was having a nightmare kind of moments. But it's not a nightmare it is real and now i have to deal with getting all my documents and credit cards and identity stuff, because apparently i've lost my identity......have I? Lisbon lisbon Lisbon, beautiful city, pasteis de belem, custard pastry town, seafood kingdom and porto land I promise I'll come back and sing to you with my bandfriends, but I don't want to lose my wallet anymore.


Musikele said...

Well baby, what about Lisbon? is it a beautiful city? don't stay all day long in a hotel, go outside, have a look to the monuments!!!

Waiting for you in Napoli, something like december, the 8th (or 9th?)...


Ilaria said...
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Anonymous said...

ti adoro

Jacopo said...

Cara Chiara,
martedì 11 Dicembre sarai al Palazzo del Turismo o al Pollini?
Non si capisce...
Ti adoro,

shortfin said...

Ho visto il tuo concerto venerdì scorso al Naima. Ero lì per il concerto blues, ma caspita mi hai stregato! Sei bravissima.
Spero di rivederti presto in Italia.

Robby said...

Ieri al Teatro Mediterraneo di Napoli è stata una serata MERAVIGLIOSA! La tua voce mi ha colorato di mille emozioni. Il disco è stupendo, ma il vero capolavoro è lasciarsi incantare vedendoti dal vivo (i musicisti poi...Straordinari!)
Accidenti sembran sempre poche le parole per descrivere le cose stupende che ci capitano e che ci avvolgono.
Grazie di cuore Chiara! Torna presto a Napoli!
Un abbraccio forte e sincero!
W la pizza di Michele

Edgar Caetano said...

well, first of all, thanks for your compliments to my city, Lisbon.

it's, indeed, very charming and you're welcome to return anytime..

portugal and italy two of a kind in europe, wouldn't you say?

i usually say there's only two kinds of people out there: those who use olive oil everyday and those who don't... :)

i'm sorry about you losing your wallet, i know how unsettling that can be - hope it didn't ruin your visit here.

well, i was accidentaly introduced to your work at one of your showcases at Fnac, very impressed, came back home to look up your website.

hope you come back for more shows, since it's the kind of music i don't usually listen at home but love to hear live...

you'v got yourself a new fan, keep it up.


da.rocha said...



eu e tu said...

Não acredito que esteve em Lisboa...E so agora, 4 anos depois...4 anos depois...é que fiquei a conhecer...Não estou em mim. Talvez quem sabe, numa proxima passagem, PLEASEEE:))