Monday, October 8, 2007

PHOTO AFTER THE BLUE NOTE, yusuke, me, tony, pete, rich......happy end: soldoutbluenote3encores!!!

Hey Guys,
It's a happy day today. i finally saw the site it to u all!!
I'm not sure whether I should write in Italian or English, when I write a song it's the melody that suggests the language, but with just words it's a different story.
I decided i'm gonna play it by ear and see how I feel daily and write welcome to my english day!
I'm in Rome, after the first round of promotion for "THE SPACE BETWEEN". It's going really well.

Rome in october is like winter flirting with summer, the fall, a bittersweet flavor, a generous city.
love is here to make you fall, then fly.

be well

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Anonymous said...

Ciao Chiara,
hai ragione, in questi giorni Roma è veramente avvolta da un dolce autunno...
Complimenti per il nuovo CD, ti ho ascoltata all'Auditorium e sono rimasta sorpresa per come ti sia discostata dallo stile del primo disco, in maniera così piacevolmente originale ed imprevedibile.
Buon lavoro e buona permanenza in Italia.